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Long Live the DMPs

I wish I could say that.

Traditionally DMPs have depended on 3rd-party cookies. And the phaseout of such cookies has almost crippled, if not killed, the products. Approaches will still evolve and remain relevant – may not be in their current shapes and forms.

Let’s take the example of Adobe Audience Manager (or AAM as we fondly call it). Just like most other DMPs, AAM relies (ed) on a 3rd-party cookie set on demdex.net. And the loss of that cookie indeed takes away a large chunk of capabilities around it.

As 3rd-party cookie support has dropped drastically, and the deadline from Google/Chrome is fast approaching, what will a DMP do?

1st Party Data: That is, your (business owner’s) own data. DMPs are mature enough in leveraging first-party data that you know about your visitors/users. If you are aware of Adobe Experience Platform (AEP, the CDP) you would already know how much we all long for quality first-party data. In fact, that fine line between CDPs and DMPs is getting blurrier as we speak.

Walled Gardens: Using just your own first-party data will not justify why you had invested in the DMP in the first place. Probably this will give rise to options where other publishers are willing to share their own first-party information via the DMP. However, this appears to be far lower than what you would have done with a data marketplace without the current (and future) restrictions.

Things such as AI-driven lookalike modelling will still be able to deliver value. I will not be surprised to see Audience Marketplaces flourish with collaboration and sharing between organizations, greater than ever before.

Having said this, I am equally anxious as you may be, to see how the future unfolds.


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  1. Shrinath

    Isn’t AAM dead already Mr. Kar? I hear Adobe will stop selling Audience Manager and concentrate on AEP. What do you say?

    • DRK

      Hi Shri,
      I wonder where you “hear” such a thing. I am not aware at this moment.
      Regardless, I don’t think I am at liberty to comment on product roadmaps and business decisions.

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