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Where Went the Old Blog

If you visited this site a few years back, you must have seen something like this.

There was random scribbling under Ideas, and a relatively young photo-blog under LivePixels. The content (at least most under Ideas) no longer appeared relevant; and hence, was replaced by the placeholder for about a year or so.

Meanwhile, this website has been increasingly used as a playground by myself and colleagues alike. Quick and dirty demos (mostly for Adobe Experience Cloud products and web tech) have been hosted here. Direct links to those demo/test pages should continue to work as usual.

I am going to re-upload the personal content on Blogger/WP.com platform soon. Yet to test the migration mechanism.

It would be fun looking at how your thoughts evolved over the years!

NYC Blackout!

After a long flight, checked into the room on the 40th floor and then, the power went out. With lights still out after 30 minutes, decided to take the elevator and come down. Unfortunately, that was the last one before the fire department sealed the elevators for the evening.

Ended up spending the next 5 hours or so on the streets with everyone appearing so confused.

Looks like that blackout was far from imaginable.

Back in India and many developing countries, a power outage is something taken for granted. I once found it funny when a colleague from South Africa was explaining to my North American colleagues what “load-shedding” was. And they were pretty curious as well as surprised to hear such a thing existed.

No wonder I found this reflecting in product design where most Wi-Fi smart plugs did not have a concept of retrying connection after a power outage. I found just one brand (Indian) that had taken this into consideration.

It could have been Blogsmith

The idea I submitted while at Aol was to make Blogsmith open source. While WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and whatnot are abundant in the market, a PHP-based CMS backed by a company like Aol would have been a game-changer; or at least that was what I hoped for.

Was glad to see upvotes on my idea. I wasn’t the only one then!

Years down the line, it’s WordPress all over (including a lot of Aol brands/acquisitions) and that doesn’t look like changing in the foreseeable future. Who knew WordPress would evolve so fast!

Blogsmith GIF, Courtesy: Greg Shuster @Behance

Protected: Pursuit of Eiffel Tower

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Protected: Hello, Oslo!

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Protected: Captcha is a Failed Cause

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Abusive comment IP tracked!

One of the reasons I do not use Google Analytics on this blog is simply because I don’t need the bells and whistles. I am more interested in knowing who (of my friends) were on my blog, and have no requirements to do further analysis.

After looking at quite a few simple you-are-visitor-number-X counters, I kind of liked StatCounter for its professional look and features. It was nowhere close to Google Analytics by the way. However, StatCounter offered the one thing I wanted: IP Address. (And later I realized I could have gone with GA. I had no real use for the raw IP Addresses)

And here we have the information on the abusive comment made last week:


It was a friend. And I do agree we sometimes do things just for fun, especially when we think no one is watching 😊.

Protected: Reinventing the Wheel (Literally)

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Hello world!

Warm welcome to DRK’s Ideas everyone!

After keeping this domain name idle for 2 years, I finally got convinced that “Early begun is Half Done”!

Boredom is great motivator!

Deepak Ranjan Kar