IFs and Loops can do Wonders!

Every time I had to induce some confidence in a budding programmer, I would say – you need to remember two things: the conditionals and the repeating loops. Humans invented computers to do just those two things – the comparisons again and again, and yet again, without being stressed out.
On a trip to Dulles (the airport in DIE HARD 2, not Dallas), we encountered a need to upgrade a large internal portal based on Drupal. The upgrade failed and we were about to roll back.

Though I had tested Drupal once or twice for personal projects, handling it in an enterprise set up was a different beast. However, with confidence in the “backup” we had taken, I went ahead and made some script changes to facilitate an upgrade. Voila, it went through. Boss said “you just paid for your trip!

Instances like that make you believe in yourself. In subsequent days and weeks, I built Drupal modules, linked that with Adobe/Omniture API. Built user self-certification system for requesters to prove their knowledge on Omniture (Adobe) Discover and claim their reward – the access permissions to Discover! This would also communicate with the organization LDAP jumping across servers and making sure ex-employees’ permissions were revoked. And did I mention, I had to make the module randomly pull a healthy mix of easy and not-so-easy questions?