To be specific, the Experience Platform Mobile SDK, at this moment, until we have another round of renaming!

There were countless instances of folks (include me) running scared of handling a mobile app SDK implementation. Mostly because it felt like writing rocket code; and all we could validate – independently – was like a black box.

Here are some words of wisdom (for a consultant) I gathered through my 9+ years on this:

Never speak implementation without a developer in the room. Say “I want the developer”. As a consultant – everything you say can be and will be used against you.
Keep 2 small goals:

  1. Let the dev include the SDK per documentation, and build without errors.
  2. Get the app to make “any” successful call to Adobe servers.

That’s 80% of the war won. You now have the confidence to guide folks through the rest.
This works, every time, every technology/wrapper/platform.