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Cross-Device? Yes Please

Wondered what to do when the only approach to connect cross-device behavior was by using a Custom Visitor ID (read login ID), and then your Adobe consultant strongly discouraged doing that?

That legacy approach of using a Custom Visitor ID has been in the crossfire between the legacy way of getting things done and the modern (and more futureproof) approach of connected journeys and activations using ECID.

What’s wrong with the legacy approach – you may ask. Sure, that was a solution built-in with a lot of historical burdens, worked well with Adobe Analytics/Omniture as a standalone product. However, that restricts you from getting the latest and greatest benefits from ECID, the future-looking identity solution that has been and is only going to be more closely integrated with Analytics and the Experience Cloud features.

Here comes CDA – Cross Device Analytics, to give you a view of user behavior across devices should you be able to provide a unique identifier tracked in Analytics. It’s dynamic and can be applied retroactively. You do CDA in a virtual report suite, and mostly do analysis and reporting based on that.

What if I want to connect journey components that do not have a common identifier? Read up about CJA (Customer Journey Analytics).

Get rid of that s.visitorID today!


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  1. Sameer W

    CDA is of minimal use to us with a lot to desire.
    And CJA is a paid feature intended to make people buy AEP.
    What do you have to say about that?

    • DRK

      Depends on what you need from cross-device. CDA is available in certain SKUs of Adobe Analytics.
      CJA is based on AEP infrastructure and is intended to be used with the Experience Platform. Consider it to be the Analysis Workspace equivalent for AEP. Hope that helps.

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